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Clinical Photobiomodulation Therapy Systems

We support you so that you can deliver improved results to your patients by getting a profitable clinical Light Therapy Program in place quickly. We provide clinical assets, patient assets, and marketing support so that you have what you need to easily implement your Light Therapy Program, allowing you to focus on your patients and staff. We set you up to purchase Neurocare Systems photobiomodulation (PBM) medical equipment for both clinical use and sales to your patients. Our support program (including clinical implementation materials and marketing support for you, and training and educational materials for your patients) is Free to you. Your success is our success. It is a win/win partnership!

We are built on innovation and quality. The Neurocare Systems Group is the largest manufacturer of FDA cleared cosmetic and medical LED light therapy systems in the world. With many years of medical grade LED manufacturing, we produce the most innovative and highest grade light therapy equipment available. One versatile pad system can be used for many clinical applications. All Neurocare Systems therapy devices are FDA Cleared for increased circulation and pain relief. Our manufacturing facility is also ISO certified.


One photobiomodulation system has many clinical applications for varied applications such as joint pain, peripheral neuropathy pain, TBI, and concussion. Neurocare Systems light therapy systems combine a programmable controller and flexible neoprene LED pads. The systems have automatic and manual pulsed frequency settings and the LED therapy pads can be positioned in countless ways. Several LED light therapy pads may be placed on the body during one session to deliver therapy to multiple sites and straps may be used where needed to hold them in place. Two and six port controllers are available for both clinical and in-home use (up to 6 pads can be operated simultaneously).


Neurocare Systems PBM devices feature powerful super bright diodes in a range of Polychromatic Light Therapy (PLT) pads suitable for multiple therapy applications. Three wavelength combinations are available combining near-infrared, red and blue light in comfortable flexible neoprene pads of varied shapes, sizes, and LED configurations. These superluminous medical grade diodes (SLEDs) emit brilliant light and have 200,000 hours of bulb life.

FDA Clearance

FDA Clearance — Class II Medical Device

Neurocare Systems are cleared for pain relief by relaxing muscles and temporarily increasing local blood circulation to relieve muscle and joint aches, stiffness and pain associated with the following ailments: 


· Arthritis, Pain, and Stiffness

· Nerve Injury

· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

· Repetitive Stress Injury

· Aches & Strains

Photobiomodulation Systems
  • Neurocare Systems are Class II Medical Devices - FDA 510(k) clearance.

  • Powerful Superluminous diodes - Near Infrared, Red and Blue

  • Buy direct for both in-clinic use and sales for home use

  • Cleared to increase circulation, reduce pain, use anywhere on the body

  • Controllers auto turn off @ 20 minutes

  • Pulsed with the 7 Nogier frequencies

  • Automatic and manual frequency modes

One Light Therapy System - Many Uses
  • TBIs, Concussions, Strokes

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Joint & Back Pain

  • Muscle & Soft Tissue Pain

  • Surgical Recovery and Wound Healing

  • Skin Issues, Scars, Acne, and Anti-aging

  • Sports Injuries

  • The pain of varied conditions such as fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis

  • Sports applications including pre-workout and post-recovery

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